1/4 Beef Bundle

1/4 Beef Bundle

A bundle of ground beef, roasts, steak, etc. (customization available, click for details)

125 lbs total - $7.20/lb

60 lbs of ground beef (available in 80-20 or 85-15) (packages are approximately 1.5lbs)

33 lbs of roasts (an assortment of chuck roast, cross rib roast, and round roast)

22 lbs of steaks (an assortment of ribeyes, sirloins, round steak, and t-bones)

10 lbs of other (choose between stew meat, carne asada, or short ribs)

Ask about customization through email, Facebook messenger, or in the order notes when you place an order. Substitutions and and adjustments are available.

This price includes tax so it won't be applied at checkout.