About our Farm

Homegrown Excellence is our mission.

Our livelihood is built upon proper stewardship of the land, livestock and natural resources of the Snake River valley. We are students of our trade and we strive to learn and improve in all areas of animal husbandry, crop production, and technological advancement. We are personally involved in all stages of bringing a healthy and delicious product into your home.

The Andersen Family has been raising cattle in American Falls for more than 40 years. Seagull Bay Dairy is located near Exit 44 on I-86 just 15 miles west of Pocatello. We are not just a dairy -the last few years we have diversified our cattle breeds and we now raise Angus and Charolais cattle.  

Our beef cattle are corn-fed for maximum marbling, tenderness, and flavor. Our corn, hay, and whey are locally sourced and our beef is cut and wrapped at a local USDA certified butcher.

Our mission is to provide premium, great-tasting beef directly to households in our area and throughout the region.